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Fuel Delivery

The most outstanding performance feature of the CFI vehicle fuel storage tank is the capability to withdraw "liquid only" fuel from the tank for delivery to the engine. This delivery mode assures pressure stability from tank full to tank empty conditions and consistent "fuel density" to the engine.

Conventional "industrial gas" cryogenic containers must withdraw both vapor and liquid at the same time in order to maintain the operating pressure of the tank. This, results in excessive pressure variation in the tank and changes in fuel density delivered to the engine.

International LNG Market

According to reports from the Japan Gas Association, Australia, Europe and Korea, LNG with a methane content of 99 % is not available and is therefore, not a viable option since all natural gas imported or liquefied in these countries has a methane content of 89% to 94%, with the ethane content as high as 7%. Therefore, weathering of LNG, in the vehicle fuel tank, will not be an option in these markets.